Hybrid App development

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Hybrid Application Development

DotINFY makes hybrid app development beautiful and easy… why resort to someplace else when solutions are so simple here?

The use of hybrid apps is witnessing a steady increase over the years and rightly so. After all, the tremendous development that the mobile application market has seen, the decision to go hybrid means combining both native and HTML5 and it’s a welcome change. Unlike many other companies that may find the job a tough ordeal, DotINFY knows it’s a cakewalk! So if you wish to go hybrid, look no further than us for we can build functional cross-platform mobile apps having web-based access to features like address book, camera and so on and all this, in the quickest time possible

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Helping you make a choice

For starters, there lies a wide difference between hybrid and native apps. A number of entrepreneurs who visited us have been curious yet confused about which to opt. Thankfully, their problems have been dealt by our experts who decides on the best mobile strategy depending upon the needs. In hybrid, we provide the correct web codes so as to deploy them across multiple platforms in a cheap and fast manner. Unlike them, native apps are generally platform specific that offers a greater user experience and is a tad pricey. The selection is largely yours but you can rely on us to offer you a wide range of services at DotINFY.
Reach us if you don’t want to miss out on the best hybrid apps in the market. With our hybrid development services, we create a rich blend of complete app usability and the web app’s versatility.

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Development options that you can have with us

• Appcelerator Developemnt
• PhoneGap Development
• HTML5 Development
DotINFY sees to the hybrid app mobile development services for a number of sectors like healthcare, finance, retail, ecommerce, fashion, gaming, multimedia and many more. Without wasting time, get in touch with us and discover opportunities like anything.

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We have an expert team for native mobile app development – iPhone App Development & Android App Development. Our experience with mobile apps spans enterprise mobility apps to consumer apps & 2D games. We also create HTML5 Phonegap applications for cross-platform compatible apps.

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